Miner hosting

We offer cheap power for crypto-currency miners, as these devices consume a very large amount of power and allow us to buy electricity at a lower cost for the entire data center. In addition, the air conditioners run more efficiently at higher load. This in turn benefits our regular colocation customers because we pass on this price advantage. However, the miners are not protected by UPS and emergency power.


All features are FREE with us:

  •  LIVE display of the current electricity consumed per miner
  •  Restart the miner at any time
  •  Access via web interface, remote or SSH possible at any time


The electricity price includes the costs for colocation, traffic and air conditioning.
After purchasing a package, the kWh will be credited to your customer account and deducted from the monthly consumption of the miners.

  •  1.000kWh to 167,80Euro (gross: 16,78Cent per kWh / net: 14,10Cent per kWh)
  •  10.000kWh to 1178,00Euro (gross: 11,78Cent per kWh / net: 9,9Cent per kWh)
  •  25.000kWh to 2945,00Euro (gross: 11,78Cent per kWh / net: 9,9Cent per kWh)
  •  50.000kWh to 5890,00Euro (gross: 11,78Cent per kWh / net: 9,9Cent per kWh)
  •  100,000 kWh to 11780 euros (gross: 11.78 cents per kWh / net: 9.9 cents per kWh)
  •  500,000 kWh to 58,900 euros (gross: 11.78 cents per kWh / net: 9.9 cents per kWh)
  •  1.000.000kWh to 117800 Euro (gross: 11.78Cent per kWh / net: 9.9Cent per kWh)


For space and air conditioning reasons, we only accept miners who are installed in a closed housing! ALU rigs, etc. are no longer accepted!

The miner must not exceed the maximum dimensions of (HxWxD) 50x20x70cm.

We especially recommend the housing 4U-4129-N of the company Inter-Tech.
The fans included with the case are recommended to be replaced by 3x Delta Electronics AFB1212SHE 120x120x38mm.
Please remember to install fan grilles!